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Eobot : Free Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency Mining with zero Investment


February 14, 2018


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As we all know the whole world is going crazy about bitcoin, ether, ripple and so on. But do you know you can get these coins free of cost? Even without any investment and without doing anything.

Yeah, you heard us right it is neither a joke nor a scam, You will get these coin free of cost through cloud mining and that too without investment.

In this post, we are going to tell you how to earn or get these coins free of cost while doing your daily routine stuff. Like going college, going office, playing sports, watching youtube, eating food.

Imagine how good it is you are doing your daily routine stuff and somewhere in the cloud you are earning money.

So let’s come to the point how you can earn this. There is a website called First, you will have to register yourself on this website through my referral link

After registering on the website confirm your email and login to you will see the dashboard, now click on the accounts tab.

After clicking on Account see below you can see ” you have free coins available in our Faucet, claim them now!”.  click on it and claim your free coin.

now you will see this notification on a new page that visit this page daily to get free coins. Yeah, you got it right, you will daily get free coins by doing this process.

Now scroll down and you will see a captcha box. Enter the correct captcha code in the box and click on Get Faucet Reward.

After clicking you will get some coin. For reference purpose, I created another account and here I got 0.00000398 BCH. Now you must be thinking it is very low so wait you will get almost this amount daily but still, that is not enough right?

So here eobot gives another opportunity to use this free coin, You can use these free coins for cloud mining on eobot. Now it’s sounding good right.

For cloud mining again click on account section. Now you will see down below exchange click on it. After clicking on it select the coin which you got in the faucet ( In From Section ) and convert it into cloud scrypt 24 Hr Rental, and click on buy cloud folding 24 hr Rental.

Now you got some hash rates on rent to mine any coin. I will suggest you should go for Dodge Coin. As its value is very low so less difficulty and in coming days its value will rise, So high profitability.

To mine Dodge or any coin again click on accounts just next to it on the left side, you will see Mining Tab, select Dodge coin or any which you want and mining will automatically start. Now you can close your system and whatever you want your cloud mining is going on for next 24 hour.

Now the catch is how you will increase your profitability. Again login after 24 Hours and do following things :

  1. Claim your free faucet
  2. Convert it into Hash Rate as we done earlier
  3. Convert previously mined coin into hash rate as if you were mining dodge coin convert it into hash rates as it will increase your hash rate and you will be able to mine coins fast day by day.
  4. Again start mining the coin and when it start log out and your normal daily routine work.

You have to do this on a regular basis if you really want to make something big out of it. And ask more people to join through your referral as it will increase your hash rate.

You can also buy hash rate through money or any other currency but I will not recommend it. As if you can get it for free than what is the need of investing in it.

If you liked the article then please signup with my referral link

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