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Android P Developer Preview

We are here with the news of Android P Developer’s preview being rolled out.There is no confirmation about the name of the Android P yet.Some are suggesting it to be Android Parle G where as Some are saying it will be Android Pan Cake.A leak update says that It can be Android pistachio Ice Cream.But no one is sure about the full name as Google itself have not announced.also there is no version number associated with this as in the case of Nougat which is 7.0 or In case of Oreo which is 8.0.

Well one can install this developer preview in any G Pixel Devices by Flashing the ROM manually.This is the first roll out of Android P,thus it can have bugs and can be unstable.Let us discuss the new features which are brought into this Android P.

1)Indoor Positioning:

We have seen many times that we have issue with the accuracy of GPS indoors.But here we are getting the support of Wi-Fi protocol 802.11 MC beside that RTT(Round Transit Time)Will also be implemented.This will help in getting an accurate positioning in the closed environments also.It can be used in Shopping Malls And Big Open Markets.
 2)Notch Support:

Alike iPhone X,few Android devices are also coming out with Top Notch design.Android P will help those developers to have better environment for designing app and Custom ROMs. Thus arrangement of layout can be done more appropriately.

3)Better Notifications:

There will be more clean notification Tray with option to Reply,automatically.There will also be the reference for the old messages in the thread so that one can Reply accordingly.Photos will also be directly visible in the notification Pan.Hence Better Actions with Improved Icons will be seen.

4)Multiple Camera Support:

We will be getting native support for putting multiple cameras on android devices.As G pixel uses single Camera thus It will be supporting other companies with Multiple no. of cameras on board.

5)HEIF and HD Videos Support:

Apple uses its own format for resolving images that is known as HEIF(High Efficiency Image File Format).Now,Android will be offering native support to the Apple Format Images and Videos for convenient sharing.This Will also help in Saving the pictures with very less memory in use without compromising with the quality.

6)Unified Fingerprint Support:

Any App Can use the same fingerprint saved in the device.This will be a native action again.This ensures the Safety of once Privacy.

7)On device Machine Learning:

Improved auto-fill Support will be experienced with this update.One can use this feature more efficiently.Google says,”A hero Who’s Ready before you are”.


There will be many other upgrades will be visible in Design,feel and Display Department.Google’s only motto is to facilitate user with a Highly User Friendly smart UI without compromising the Security of the user.

This was all from our side For Android P.We will be Back Again with more updates like this.
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Image Source:Google

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